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How To Biohack Your Mind To The Next Level

With neuroscience there's something key called neuroplasticity.


Every single day, as we take certain actions (or non actions), we are wiring and firing our brain.


Once we start to get into some unhealthy habits, that can start to create a lot of negativity in our lives and we simply don't know how to snap ourselves out of it.


A big part of both emotional and energetic intelligence is starting to snap our minds out of that so that we can get back to where we know we can be, and beyond what we think we are capable of.


I've developed a supercharged way to shift you by taking four key elements together that will shock your system in a good way to wake up, so you can start to feel on fire again. Get excited because it's really cool once you start to experience it.

7 Epic Guided Meditations To Shift Emotion 

You have probably tried mediating before but this is different because it's specific to you as a professional.

Simon's Daily Self-Awareness Trainings

Every day you will learn a new principle to help you gain more awareness which will break mental barriers.

7 Habit Breaking Quest Challenges To Rewire You

Especially important for burnout because you get stuck in the same routine. This guides you out.

Every single day you will need to complete a tracker so we can see where you are and that you complete the process.

  • Conscious Leadership Rewire

    A key cause of burnout is a lack of presence and today you will learn how to start rewiring yourself into a habit that allows you to feel in flow the majority of the time for hyper focus and productivity. 



  • DAY


    The Success Energy Shift

    Learn how to start to be in control of your own energy vs it being in control of you. This principle is key if you want to manage yourself effectively and break through your success barriers.

  • Ultimate Freedom Flow

    Burnout is directly impacted when fear is active. Start to liberate yourself from the past and embody a confident leader who lives for what is happening now.



  • DAY

    Badass Beliefs

    Who do you need to become to shift out of your burnout? On this day you will start to learn about what changes who we are so we can become truly successful.

  • In The Zone

    Do you want to continue to work in that place where you feel 'on fire'. Today you will start to look at how you work and how that impacts your thoughts.



  • DAY

    Aligned Action Taker

    You may have heard of 'intuition' but how do you use that to get better results and start attracting more into your life? Today you will access this superpower.

  • The Next Level

    On the final day you will make an important choice about how your life moves forward and the direction of your life. It's time to raise the bar.



Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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